Grid ConnectedOur flatbed technology utilizes solar collectors that are robust, cost effective and sleek in their low profile design and have proven themselves over a long period of time. They can be used in all situations, even in freezing conditions.

NSS has recently introduced two new types of solar The second type is Split type; this system utilizes the split-type technology and the solar collector and the tank are separated from each other, this provides flexibility in the installation process and the collector can be mounted with ease for building integration roof-top installation. The tank can be placed inside the house and connected to residential piping system. A special heat transfer fluid flows between the collector and the tank heat exchanger, which is controlled by an electronic temperature controller

Nesma Roots Compound in Jubail in June, 2010. NSS supplied – Commissioned. One hundred eleven (111) units each with a capacity of 100 Liters and system were commissioned in November 2010.