Solar Street Lighting is one of NSS premiere products. Our NSL series of solar street lights has been designed by our engineers specifically for the Saudi environment where reliability and efficiency have been demonstrated in several installations across the kingdom since 2007.

All of our solar street lights have the following features:

Grid Connected - Highly reliable and maintenance-free
- HDG ASTM Poles and battery box designed for extreme weather conditions.
- Battery and Electronics box on top of the pole
- High Power LED light – 13 years without replacement
- High Efficiency solar panels – 25 years warranty
- Advanced solid state controller
- Maintenance-Free Sealed Lead Acid Battery
- Designed to operate automatically from dusk to dawn
- Operates upto 3 days without sun. More days optional
- Available in 8m, 10m, and 12m hights


- Low Power Consumption
- High Brightness
- Long Life - Up to 50,000 Hours,
- Robust Design - shock and vibration resistant
- Light Beam - Low heat generated/No UV,
- High Efficiency - Power Factory>90%, THD<9

- High Efficiency Industrial Grade Panel
- Thermal Shock Resistant
- Absolute Max. Temp. Rating -40 C to + 80 C
- High quality TUV-certified nylon junction box.
- High Transmissivity tempered glass +91%.
- CE / IEC61215 Certified
- Manufactured in ISO-9001 certified Facility

Grid ConnectedBATTERY
- Sealed Lead Acid Gel Type
- Maintenance-Free
- Self sealing
- Operating Temperature: -60 to +60 C

- PWM shunt battery charging
- State of charge (SOC) battery regulation
- Boost/ Equalizing/ Float charging
- Automatic load reconnection
- Manual load switch
- Lighting control options during nighttime<

- High voltage disconnect (HVD)
- Low voltage disconnect (LVD)
- Depth of discharge disconnection (DOD)
- Reverse polarity
- Short circuit
- Over temperature and over voltage
- Low electronic interference (EMC)
- Open circuit battery
- Reverse current at night

We have installed our products in several areas in Saudi Arabia since 2007 including the following locations:
- Saudi Aramco Hawiyah Junction
- Saudi Aramco Yanbu Bulk Plant
- Riyadh Municipality – Dammam Riyadh Highway