About National Systems
National Solar Systems is the only Saudi company with vast experience and knowledge in large-scale photovoltaic design, engineering and implementation. NSS have successfully implemented the first and the largest grid-connected solar power plant in the Kingdom of 2MW in KAUST. National Solar covers all aspects of a project from conception to implementation and handover.

Public Relations

NSS plays an active role to increase the awareness of the long-term benefits Renewable Energy plays and can play to the environment and the wellbeing of the society. Some of the main topics focused in this regard are:

- Positive impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions and toxic gases that would be generated from burning fossil fuel in conventional power plants. NSS participates in the World Environment Day that is normally organized by Saudi Aramco and several governmental agencies.

- Energy conservations through the use of high efficient consumer products such as LED lighting, solar water heaters and other similar products. NSS participates in Saudi Aramco Energy Conservation Campaigns which are organized from time to time.

- General Education to the public about Renewable Energy advantages and limitations and how to best utilize it for industrial, commercial, and private application. NSS participates in several exhibitions and conferences in and out of Saudi Arabia.

Press Releases

Selective Press Articles

TV Programs

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