Our range of products and services spans the entire spectrum of solar energy. Our solutions are engineered according to the need and the requirements of the customer applying the most advanced methodologies and technological advancements for the particular application. Our experience has been demonstrated and proven in almost all applications including: power generation, solar lighting, cathodic protection, telecommunications and more. We have delivered and installed projects ranging from few kilowatts to megawatts using both crystalline and thin film technologies.

  • 1Grid-Connected Overview

    Solar energy is increasingly becoming a strong alternative to fossil fuel and the most common and most widely utilized scheme to realize the solar power is through the installation of grid-connected solar systems which are commonly referred to as solar farms or solar parks. Grid-tied systems generate electricity and inject them directly into the national grid. These system do not have storage and therefore they only produce energy during the day when network load is peaking which makes this application an ideal solution to offload the electric network which is the reason why solar power is a perfect complement to existing conventional power plants.

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    2Grid-Off Overview

    Off-Grid PV systems are the most versatile and widely used systems throughout the world today. These systems are ideal choice for various applications like security and surveillance systems, communication systems, oil and gas sector for either cathodic protection (CP) or radio/wireless based data transmission systems. These systems can be installed virtually anywhere be it the North Pole, middle of the ocean or the desert. National Solar Systems specializes in these types of systems as well and have taken up various large projects with the most prestigious industrial and commercial corporations in the Kingdom. Depending on the application and the criticality of the load, our engineers will design the system in accordance with the client requirements and the conditions of the site. .

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    3 Street Lights Overview

    Solar Street Lighting is one of NSS premiere products. Our NSL series of solar street lights has been designed by our engineers specifically for the Saudi environment where reliability and efficiency have been demonstrated in several installations across the kingdom since 2007.

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    4Water Heaters Overview

    Our flatbed technology utilizes solar collectors that are robust, cost effective and sleek in their low profile design and have proven themselves over a long period of time. They can be used in all situations, even in freezing conditions. NSS has recently introduced two new types of solar water heating systems for the domestic market for both commercial and residential. The first type is the Compact series; the solar collector and the tank are integrated into one set, this simplifies the installation process and also integration into the residential piping system. The system requires no special tools to fix and a cold water inlet and a hot water outlet is all that needs to be attached for the system to start function.

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    5Cathodic Protection

    Solar-Powered Cathodic Protection (SPCP) system is a specialized application that we provide for industrial installations. SPCP systems are completely independent systems that inject impressed currents into steel structures such as pipelines, tanks, underground structures to prevent these structures from corrosion. The main advantage of our systems is the fact that they are solar powered and require no grid to operate making them ideal for remote desert locations where power is not available or too expensive to provide.

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The services we provide are typically turn-key solutions and include but not limited to the following:
- Feasibility Studies
- Engineering and design services
- Material supply and component sales
- Installation services and supervision
- Commissioning and start-up services
- Operations and Maintenance