Off-Grid PV systems are the most versatile and widely used systems throughout the world today. These systems are ideal choice for various applications like security and surveillance systems, communication systems, oil and gas sector for either cathodic protection (CP) or radio/wireless based data transmission systems. These systems can be installed virtually anywhere be it the North Pole, middle of the ocean or the desert.

National Solar Systems specializes in these types of systems as well and have taken up various large projects with the most prestigious industrial and commercial corporations in the Kingdom. Depending on the application and the criticality of the load, our engineers will design the system in accordance with the client requirements and the conditions of the site. .

Industrial Applications:

Grid Connected Industrial sites typically require the system to be highly reliable which will impact the criteria for designing the system and the selection of materials. Some of the common industrial applications are:

- Well sites Monitoring and Control
- Pipelines control and monitoring stations
- Cathodic Protection
- Off-shore platforms

Commercial Applications

Grid ConnectedSystems installed for commercial installations are typically highly reliable but slightly less stringent in terms of the materials used and the protection level. Common commercial applications include:
- Telecommunications
- Security and surveillance systems
- Speed cameras and traffic lighting
- Billboard and Street Lighting

Rural Electrification:

Grid Connected In remote villages, farms and desert camps, solar systems can be provided to power small loads such us lights, TV, refrigerators. These systems are designed purposely to be simple and practical to make them affordable and cost effective.