Grid ConnectedSolar-Powered Cathodic Protection (SPCP) system is a specialized application that we provide for industrial installations. SPCP systems are completely independent systems that inject impressed currents into steel structures such as pipelines, tanks, underground structures to prevent these structures from corrosion. requirements.

The main advantage of our systems is the fact that they are solar powered and require no grid to operate making them ideal for remote desert locations where power is not available or too expensive to provide.

NSS provides complete integrated solutions for CP applications that is designed to stand the harsh desert environment and high temperature. The complete system is enclosed in high grade UV rated and fire resistant fiberglass enclosure that conforms to ASTM E84. The NSS CP systems comes in both standard and custom designed configurations. They have a wide range of input voltage to suit any kind of application and typically can be programmed to output voltage starting form 0VDC up to 132VDC, in different current capacities up to a maximum of 60A for one system and can also be put in parallel arrangement for even greater current

Maximized Power Output

Grid ConnectedThe CP system utilizes Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) technology to maximize the energy form the solar array even in high temperatures this in turns enhance the overall efficiency of the system and typically the SPCP system have efficiency of about 98%.

High Ambient Temperatures

The NSS CP system is designed in such a way to provide maximum safety to the equipment and to work with high efficiency even at +50 degree centigrade ambient temperatures.